Fan Club

sWilliam Laird Holzapfel

    This is a recent picture of me in front of  my home in the Berkeley hills.
I am wearing the ceremonial robe of my post-millennialist cult.  Our fierce
vigilance may have played a role in the relative scarcity of  automatic teller
inconveniences last time around. With the ample time before the  next millennium,
we are preparing for the rapture of those who have washed their robes and
made them white in the blood of the Lamb. It all sounds pretty gross; I bet there
will be quite a mess for the rest of us to clean up once they are finally gone.


    Here are some  pictures from bike tours.
They are mostly from two trips from
California to Colorado on roads less travelled.
The picture to the left is from the Burr Trail
in the Capitol Reef national park.

     Here is a Tesla coil I built in high school made mostly of wood.  Good thing the unabomber
didn't electrocute his victims or else my brother would have been compelled to turn me in for
the reward money. If you are interested in big Tesla coils, here is where they can be found.  

     Here is a video of my flowering Agave.  

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