Christian Reichardt

Lecturer at U.Melbourne


School of Physics

University of Melbourne

Parkville VIC 3010


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I started a new position at the University of Melbourne on Mar. 31, 2014

Scientific Interests

My research focuses on the origin of the Universe and the growth of structure. I am interested in questions such as: How did the Universe begin and what caused inflation? How did the complex structures we see evolve from the initial plasma? What were the sources that reionized the Universe and how long did the epoch of reionization last? What’s the nature of dark energy?

To answer these questions, I work on experiments designed to make precise measurements of the cosmic microwave background and mm-wave sky. The cosmic microwave background is a snapshot of the Universe shortly after the Big Bang, and allows us to investigate inflation and conditions in the early Universe. We can also use it as a backlight to study objects that formed more recently (such as galaxy clusters).

At these observing wavelengths, we also map the high-redshift tail of the cosmic infrared background. This is starlight absorbed and re-emitted by interstellar dust in galaxies; approximately half the optical starlight is re-processed in this fashion. We can study these maps to learn about star formation and find high-redshift galaxies.


2008 - PhD - Caltech - Physics

2001 - BS - Caltech - Physics