Complementarity Between Dark Matter Searches and Collider Experiments

June 10–11, 2006
McDonnell-Douglas Auditorium, UC Irvine


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Scientific Program

Saturday June 10

9:30 Start
Welcome and logistics : Steve Barwick  (10 min)
    Scientific goals of the workshop:   Bernard Sadoulet (15+5 min)   [pdf]

1. Scientific context 10:00 - 12:30

•  Dark Matter: What do we know from Cosmology?:  Joel Primack (35 +10 min)[pdf]

            Coffee Break 10:45-11:15

•  Supersymmetry, Dark Matter and Accelerators: Keith Olive  (35 +10 min) [pdf]
•  Additional Dimensions, Dark Matter and Accelerators:   Jose Ruiz Cembranos  (25+5 min)[pdf]

            Lunch 12:30 - 1:30

• Non Minimal Scenarios  (Cosmology): Paolo Gondolo (25+5 min)[pdf]
• Non Minimal Scenarios (Supersymmetry): Xerxes  Tata (25+5 min) [pdf]

2. The next five years: LHC and Direct Detection 2:30-6:00

•  Basic Detection Schemes at Colliders and LHC reach in the next five years : Naoko Kanaya  (30+10 min)[pdf]
• SUSY Signals of  Stau-Neutralino Coannihilation at Colliders: Bashkar Dutta (15+5min) [pdf]

        Coffee Break 3:30-4:00

•  Direct Detection in the next five years: Experimental challenges and Phonon Mediated Detectors:Blas Cabrera(30+10min) [pdf]
• Direct Detection with liquid Xenon : Tom Shutt (20+5 min) [pdf]
• Direct Detection with liquid Argon: Cristiano Galbiati (20+5min) [pdf]
• The importance of the zeptobarn scale: Jeff Filippini (15+5 min) [pdf]
The measurement of WIMP mass with direct detection: Richard Schnee (15+5 min) [pdf]
• General discussion

Sunday June 11

8:30 Start

3. The next five years: What is indirect detection likely to bring? 8:30-10:50

•  Have we already discovered WIMPS in gamma rays: Wim de Boer (20+10min) [pdf]
•  Dark Matter and GLAST: Larry  Wai (20+5min) [pdf]
•  Dark matter annihilation in the galactic center: Joel  Primack (20+5min) [pdf]

          Coffee Break 10:25-10:55

•  Complementarity between Direct and Indirect  Detection: Ted Baltz (20+5 min) [pdf]

•  Update on the BBN lithium problem: Keith  Olive (10+5min) [pdf]

4. The long term: LHC + ILC   (15 years?) 11:20-12:30

•  How much will the colliders fix the physics?
      Theoretical perspective  : Michael Peskin (30+ 10 min) [pdf]
      Experimental perspective : Marco Battaglia (30+10 min) [pdf]

         Lunch 12:30-1:30

5. Additional inputs: 1:30-3:30
• Dark Matter from Decays: Manoj Kaplinghat (15+5min) [pdf]
• SuperWIMPs: Fumihiro Takayama  (15+5min)
• Kaluza Klein Dark matter: Hsin-Chia Cheng(15+5 min) [pdf]
• Non thermal WIMPs: Graziella Gelmini (15+5min) [pdf]
• Methods to Prove Dark Matter Detection: David Cline (15+5min) [pdf]
• Indirect detection with UHE neutrinos: Steve Barwick (15+5min)

       Coffee break 3:30-4:00

6. Strategic implications: 4:00-6:00
3 round table discussions introduced by the workshop speakers with the participation of the audience
• Round table discussion 1: The next five years (moderator:  Bernard Sadoulet)
• Round table discussion 2: The asympotic regime (moderator: Marco Battaglia)
• Round table discussion 3:  Pressing theoretical issues (moderator: Graziella Gelmini)

Last revised: 11 June 2006