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This archive/directory contains the information on the power spectrum
and related data, e.g. beam filter function, Fisher matrix, that may
be necessary for using the MAXIMA-1 data (as published in Hanany et al
(2000) and Balbi et al (2000)).


Data Files:

Cl     -- bandpowers (power spectrum) and error in 10 bins (b)
	[<ell>] [Bandpower <l(l+1)C_l/(2pi)>_b/uK^2] [sig_l/uK^2]

	Bandpower_bin = <l(l+1)C_l/(2pi)>_bin
	the error, sig_l, in each bin is calculated from the diagonal
	elements of the correlation matrix, the inverse of the fisher
		sig_bin = sqrt[ (fisher^-1)_bin,bin ]

	IMPORTANT NOTE: we report here unorthogonalized bandpowers,
	unlike Table 2 of Hanany et al 2001. These are related by a
	simple linear transformation based on the fisher matrix (file
	fisher_10, below) as explained in, for example, BJK98.

      -- A short summary of the various data files.

      -- A tar file containing the entire contents of this director,
         including this README file.

beam   -- B_l, the experimental beam, convolved with the pixel window
          function, as in [Wu et al].  The first entry corresponds to
	  to l=0, and each successive entry is for +1 in ell.

       -- fractional uncertainty in the power in each bin due to the 5
	  arcmin uncertainty in the beam measurement. See Wu et al 2001.
	  For each l bin, the columns are 
		<+1sig fractional err> <-1sig fractional err>

bin    -- the list of l bins used in calculating the bandpower

   Note that these files [bin and beam] are in the format required for
   the MADCAP software package. 

       -- the fisher (inverse correlation) matrix.
	  it is a 10x10 symmetric matrix stored "flattened" (column or
          row major).

	[ units are 1/uK^2 ]

	  See, e.g., BJK98

      -- information from Cl, xb and bin in a single file for ease of

xb     -- parameters needed for the offset lognormal ansatz for the
	  likelihood; see BJK00.
	  For each bin, the file gives x_bin in [ uK^2 ]



In addition to the error (actually, the ensemble-average curvature of
the likelihood function) given in the file Cl, there are additional
sources of uncertainty that must be factored into any further
processing of these data:

   There is an overall calibration uncertainty of 4% in Temperature
   (8% in power) in all bins.

   There is an uncertainty in the beam (see Wu et al 2000 for details)
   +-1sigma values given in the file beamerr, due primarily to the 5
   arcminute uncertainty in the size of the beam. This uncertainty
   acts like an additional (asymmetric) calibration uncertainty in
   each bin.



The data are given with many more significant figures than warranted
by the error bars. the extra digits are included to ensure that
round-off error is not important and for format reasons.



A.Balbi et al, ``Constraints on Cosmological Parameters from
Maxima-1'' Ap.J.Lett., to appear (astro-ph/0005124).

S.Hanany et al, ``Maxima-1: A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave
Background Anisotropy on angular scales of 10 arcminutes to 5
degrees'' Ap.J.Lett., to appear. (astro-ph/0005123).

J.H.P. Wu et al, ``Asymmetric Beams in Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy
  Experiments'', Ap.J.Supp., to appear. (astro-ph/0007212).

[BJK98] J.R.Bond, A.H.Jaffe & L.Knox,``Estimating the Power Spectrum
of the Cosmic Microwave Background,'' Phys. Rev. D57, 2117,
1998. (astro-ph/9708203).

[BJK00] J.R.Bond, A.H.Jaffe & L.Knox, ``Radical Compression of Cosmic
Microwave Background Data,'' Astrophys. J., 533, 19-37, 2000.