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What is the Center for Particle Astrophysics?

The Center for Particle Astrophysics is a place where scientists work to try to understand our Universe. It is located at the University of California at Berkeley, in LeConte Hall. Since the Center for Particle Astrophysics is such a long name, we usually call it the CfPA.

What is particle astrophysics?

Particle astrophysics is the study of how elementary particle interactions affect the Universe. Particle astrophysics is a relatively new discipline, which combines cosmology, particle physics, and astrophysics. The goal of particle astrophysics is to understand the processes which cause our Universe to be the way it is today, and to predict how the Universe will be in the future.

What do these scientists do?

Some of the CFPA scientists search for dark matter. Some do experiments to try to measure the cosmic microwave background. Others theorize about the nature and cause of the Universe.

What's the point of this page?

There are many excellent astrophysics pages already on the Web, but they can be somewhat difficult to find. We have assembled a large number of links which may be used to investigate a variety of astrophysics topics. Feel free to look around.

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