ISTAT History @ CfPA

ISTAT Three-Year Project, Dec. '98 - Dec. 2001

Middle School Project: Forces & Machines
in collaboration with Debbie Farkas, 8th grade teacher at Horace Mann Middle School, SF.
Work in progress: Ping Pong Launcher

High School Project: Astronomy
in collaboration with Kevin Hartzog, 10th grade teacher at Thurgood Marshall  High School, SF and Anne Miller-Bagwell, Nahide Craig and Barney Desroches, Space Sciences Lab.

Summer Step-up Program (June-July '99):
Each ISTAT partner provided curriculum material for Step-Up, a six-week summer school program of the San Francisco School District to help 8th graders make the transition to high school. CfPA provided Desktop Stars as a two-week unit which was taught by four of the summer school teachers. Prior to the start of thesummer school, CfPA worked with the teachers at two training sessions.


CfPA School Page :
An introduction to the CfPA and a general astrophysics resource for students and teachers.

Comet Activity :
This activity was developed by Space Sciences Laboratory. As part of the ISTAT project, CfPA went with SSL to Thurgood Marshall High School in San Francisco on 11/24/97 to do six sessions of this activity with all of the 10th grade students. (I believe there are some photos on the web showing us making "comets" with the kids, but I haven't found them yet.)

ISTAT was one of four Interactive University Pilot Projects invited to participate in this project (Summer 1998) to develop a digital resource for teachers to enable them to access classroom activities that support SFUSD Science and Literacy Standards.
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