Acceleration and Gravity

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Tips for presentation of this material:

Classroom activities: Description of how to perform Galileo's experiment in the classroom. Try to use objects of the same shape. Instead of an orange and a grape, use an orange and a tennis ball which have similar sizes but different weights.

Online Activities: Parabolic motion. Decomposing the 2 dimension of projectiles. Good visual aid. Free fall lab. Great for assessment. Cannon. Measures the relation between velocity, gravitational potential and the effects of frictional drag.

Suggestion for Assessment: - Questions and pictures Elephant and feather quiz... With graphics... Ties into Newton's laws

Online Activities & Assessment: The Word files in this table contain the answers to the worksheets. Depending on your browser configuration you might have to save this Word document to your disk. The student guide page contains links to online versions of these worksheets for the students.  Free fall with and without ai. Good introduction to friction. WORKSHEET4.DOC


Student Guide: