Middle School Physics - Force and Motion
    Developed by the Center for Particle Astrophysics and SFUSD

Goals and Objectives:

This unit contains activities and assessment for 8th grade physics. The initial theme is "Force and Motion." Our goal is to supply teachers and students with material that can complement existing materials and fulfill the adopted science standards for the SFUSD. We do not intend to replace or write a text book on speed and velocity for 8th grade. Our goal here is to clarify some fundamental concepts involving speed and velocity and lay a good foundation for the understanding of concepts of kinematics (movement) and dynamics (forces).

Unit Description

This unit introduces students to different types of motion and to concepts such as speed, velocity and acceleration. It was designed to prepare students to understand the concepts in the following SFUSD Content and Performance Standards:


Content Standard 7 
How forces interact and cause motion
Performance Standards 7.2 and 7.4 Balanced and unbalanced force and motion at a constant rate
Exemplar 7 Investigating how changing forces affect the motion of an object

Student Prerequisites

Estimated Time Requirements

About three days per module:

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