UC Berkeley
Fall 2006

PHYS 112 -Section 01

Thermal Physics

Professor Bernard Sadoulet
Note: For the simulations, you need Java 1.5. You can test the version of the Java running environment on your machine by going to Test of Java running environment .
This site also explains what to do if the Java vitual machine does not work on your browser or where to download Java 1.5.
For Windows,Unix or Linux goto Download Windows,Unix or Linux
Note that Firefox has the right java plug in for Windows: it can be down loaded free from Firefox site .
The only case I know where you are stuck is if you run a Mac Operating System with a version smaller than 10.4:
Apple has not released Java 1.5 for these systems and does not intend to do it. You will have either to upgrade to Tiger or find another computer to run the simulations.
If you have 10.4 or later you can download the latest Java version at the Apple Java site.


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